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Application Settings

Variable Type Description
domain STRING Your website domain for the store (no trailing "/").
port NUMBER The port the application & proxy is listening on.
licenseKey STRING Your license key from License System.
debugMode BOOLEAN Toggles the logging of most errors in the console.
ownerIds ARRAY Discord User Id's of the website owner(s).

SQL Settings

Variable Type Description
host STRING The host IP / Address of your database connection.
user STRING The username to your database connection.
password STRING The password to your database connection.
database STRING The database name (hyperzstore) for your database connection.
port NUMBER The port of your database connection (3306).

Discord Settings

Variable Type Description
oauthId STRING Your Discord Developer Portal Client Id.
oauthToken STRING Your Discord Developer Portal Client Secret.
botToken STRING Your Discord Developer Portal Client BOT Token.

Payment Settings

Variable Type Description
useStripe BOOLEAN Toggle the use of Stripe payments on your website.
stripePublicKey STRING Your Stripe API Public Key.
stripeSecretKey STRING Your Stripe API Secret Key.
usePaypal BOOLEAN Toggle the use of PayPal payments on your website.
paypalClientId STRING Your PayPal LIVE Client Id.
paypalClientSecret STRING Your PayPal LIVE Client Secret.
currency STRING Your Stripe Currency.
currencySymbol STRING The currency symbol in-front of products ($).

(major thanks to FAXES for these images.)


stripe page directions


paypal page directions 1
paypal page directions 2

Timezone Settings

Variable Type Description
tz STRING Any moment-tz supported timezone is valid.
format STRING Capital HH:MM will format to military, ending with a capital A will include AM/PM in the time.


This section is an array of objects.

Variable Type Description
name STRING The name of the redirect url (www.domain.ext/NAME_HERE).
link STRING The link to redirect to upon request.

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