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(last updated 02-26-2022)

    // Client Settings (REQUIRED)
    prefix: "h!", // The prefix to run all commands inside of the bot
    token: "YOUR_BOT_TOKEN", // The token from your Discord Dev Portal
    aboutServer: "YOUR_DESCRIPTION", // This is a description of your server
    date_format: "MM-DD-YYYY HH:mm", // The date format for the bot
    copyright: "© 2022 Your Name", // The footer for most embeds
    colorhex: "#2F3136", // The main theme and color of the bot
    deleteCommands: false, // This will decide whether or not to delete commands when they are ran. (RECOMMENDED TO BE FALSE)

    // Application Settings (REQUIRED)
    themeColor: "blue", // The theme color for the main logger (blue, red, green, yellow, magenta)
    port: "8080", // The port for the bot to listen on
    debugmode: true, // Toggles the logging of errors and excess information
    logCommandLoading: false, // Toggles the logging of commands being loaded

    // MySQL Settings (REQUIRED)
    database: {
        host: "localhost", // The IP of your SQL Server
        user: "root", // The username for your SQL Server
        password: "", // The password for of the user for your SQL Server
        database: "database" // The database designated for the bot

    website: {
        enabled: true, // Decides wether or not the website / API should be enabled
        port: "3000", // The port for the website to listen on

        themeColor: "#343a40", // The theme color for the website
        botName: "Ban Bot", // The name used for your bot on the website itself.
        siteName: "Ban Bot", // The "name" of your website NOT THE DOMAIN
        siteDomain: "https://api.yourdomain.ext", // Your websites domain

        footer: "Ban Bot", // Footer text for the copyright label
        footerLink: "#", // The link the footer text goes to

        // API Settings
        api: {
            secret: "cool1234", // The secret for API requests (CANNOT INCLUDE " OR ` IN SECRET)
            endpoints: [ // DONT TOUCH THE ORDER OR endpointName OF THESE, ONLY CHANGE: secretRequired
                { endpointName: "/stats", secretRequired: false },
                { endpointName: "/fetchallbans", secretRequired: false },
                { endpointName: "/bans", secretRequired: false },
                { endpointName: "/activebans", secretRequired: false },
                { endpointName: "/guilds", secretRequired: false },
                { endpointName: "/staff", secretRequired: false }

        // Redirects for 3rd party URLs
        redirects: [
            { name: `discord`, link: `https://discord.gg` }

    disableAppealCommand: false, // If the appeal command should be disabled
    appealLink: "", // 3rd party appeal form link (only when appeal command is disabled)

    disableReportCommand: false, // If the report command should be disabled
    reportLink: "", // 3rd party report form link (only when report command is disabled)

    publicLogsChannelId: "CHANNEL_ID_HERE", // Channel Id here for public logs
    reportsChannelId: "CHANNEL_ID_HERE", // Channel Id to send report logs to
    appealsChannelId: "CHANNEL_ID_HERE", // Channel Id to send appeal logs to
    ownerIds: ["704094587836301392", "YOUR_USER_ID"], // User Ids that can manage the staff member table

    supportserver: "https://discord.gg", // The invite to this bots support/main server

    command_count: 21,
    event_count: 6

After Config

Once you have filled out the configuration file you can now go ahead and open the CLIENT.bat file. If it is the first time you have ran the bot, make sure to install the dependencies before starting the bot, otherwise it will just keep crashing.

Otherwise, if you have installed the modules, and the prompt has closed, AND you see a folder called node_modules and a package-lock.json file, then they are installed.

Now you can re-open the CLIENT.bat file and choose the option to "start" or "run" which will open up a session that boots the bot online and begins it's event listeners.

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