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New to NPM

Step 1 - Go to npmjs.com and sign up.
Step 2 - Once your account is created, open a terminal on your computer (CMD will work just fine).
Step 3 - Login to NPM in your terminal, to do this, run npm login in your terminal.
Step 4 - You’ll be prompted to enter your username, password, and email address.
Step 5 - Move to Next Step.

Previous User

So, you're ready to publish a package huh?

Well, start off by making sure your package is ready to be published, you have changed the custom file extension that you wish to use in the /lib/index.js file from the source download from this repository. Once you have done so, and you're all set to publish it, simply open a terminal in your version of the modules directory (ex: /Users/{username}/Desktop/{coolname}bytenode) and type npm publish in the terminal that is in your directory.

If it throws an error, make sure of these few things:

  1. There isn't already a package with the "name" that you put in the package.json file.
  2. There is NOT a node_modules folder inside of your package
  3. You're not trying to overwrite the current version (change the package.json file version to something HIGHER).
  4. You're actually logged into npmjs.com in your terminal (run npm login in your terminal to login).
  5. You have googled any other error that you may be getting in your terminal.

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