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Common Errors


Common NGINX Errors

There are a few different reasons that your NGINX service may fail to start!

  1. The first reason, is the most common. If you have Apache installed on your server (for PHP based websites), either change Apache's default ports to not use port 443, and 80 to use something else, or just blatantly uninstall Apache.

  1. The second reason, tends to happen when you're tired and not paying much attention, if you misspell your domain when adding it into your /etc/nginx/sites-available/default directory / file. If you forget to finish the domain with a .xyz and instead just put .xy it will fail to load the default file, and hence, fail to restart your NGINX server.

  1. The third reason, is usually uncommon but can happen if you're messing around with things when their is no need to. This third possibility occurs when you alter your nginx.conf file and break it or create a syntax error, or even just mis-spell something. It could even boil down to forgetting to put a ; at the end of a line. If you cannot identify the problem, you may just need to purge NGINX and start over, which is no fun, believe me.

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